Mortgage life insurance is a policy that provides life insurance from a mortgage protection insurance company. Its primary purpose is to pay out the balance you may have on your mortgage should you pass away while still owning a balance. You can buy mortgage life insurance protection as part of a new home purchase or refinancing.

What Is Mortgage Life Insurance?

Mortgage life insurance is an insurance policy ensuring the payoff of your mortgage if you die. It’s not the same as a traditional term or whole life insurance, which most people know about. Mortgage life insurance protection is a way to protect your family from housing-related financial hardship if you pass away.

If you have a home loan and want your family to keep the house after your death, mortgage protection may be right. Mortgages are big investments for most people and can take years—or even decades—to pay off. If something happens unexpectedly, a mortgage life policy allows your family to be debt free when it comes to house payments.

With mortgage life insurance in place, your loved ones won’t have to deal with additional financial stress on top of grieving.

What Does Mortgage Life Insurance Cover?

Mortgage life insurance protection covers your mortgage payments in the event of your death. It frees up any equity you’ve built up in your home. If you suddenly pass away, the life insurance payout will pay off the outstanding balance on your mortgage.

The critical thing to remember is that a typical mortgage life insurance does not cover any other debts you may have. It’s just for paying off your mortgage. Your family can pay these off out of whatever money remains after paying off the estate’s obligations and expenses.

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How Does Life Insurance Mortgage Protection Work?

Mortgage life insurance protection pays the outstanding balance on your mortgage loan if you pass away before satisfying the unpaid amount.

The amount of this coverage is typically equal to the amount of your mortgage balance. The coverage usually lasts for as long as your outstanding mortgage payments, but it’s not always that simple.

The exact terms of these policies can vary widely between companies, so it’s essential to do some research before purchasing one. A mortgage protection specialist can advise you best on this.

Different Types of Life Insurance Mortgage Protection

There are several different types of life insurance mortgage protection.

1. Mortgage Term Life Insurance

Mortgage term life insurance is one of the most popular types of life insurance and is relatively affordable. With mortgage term life insurance, you pay a premium for some time. If you pass away during that period, the insurance will pay your beneficiary the amount of the policy.

But coverage ends when you pay off the mortgage. The insurance lifespan is equal to the lifespan of the mortgage.

2. Whole Life Mortgage Protection Insurance

Whole life insurance is permanent coverage that remains in force for as long as you live and pays out after you pass away. After you pay the mortgage, you can have your family members named beneficiaries. 

It provides guaranteed death benefits, usually paid out upon death. Your loved ones can use this amount anytime for other purposes, such as long-term care or estate planning.

3. Decreasing Term Insurance

Decreasing term insurance is similar to level term because it will pay out at least some money upon death. However, unlike level-term insurance, its payout decreases until zero at the end of its term.

When you take out the policy, you pay a hefty amount upfront and receive lower premiums each month until the policy expires.

As the policy nears its end date, it’s expected that the contributed premiums are enough to cover your mortgage debt.

4. Level Term

Level-term insurance is the most common form of mortgage protection and works like any other type of life insurance policy. You pay a monthly premium, which allows you to build up the amount of cover over time.

The size of the policy remains the same throughout mortgage payments. Your mortgage protection specialist may recommend this policy because it offers predictable premiums over the time you select when buying it.

Benefits of Life Insurance Mortgage Protection

Life insurance mortgage protection protects both the mortgage lender and your family.

If you pass away and have outstanding bills, the insurance company pays your lender a lump sum to cover these debts.

The coverage is beneficial because your family won’t have to sell their home or lose it in foreclosure.

The policy can help to pay off any mortgage debts of the insured person. With whole-life mortgage insurance, your loved ones can use the money when they take ownership of your property.

The funds provide financial security for those close to you who inherit after paying off any remaining liabilities—with no strings attached.

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